Free IVF

The most traumatic part of IVF is to hear a negative result!!! The chances of conception even after repeated attempts of IVF are not 100%. Keeping this in mind and affordability issues, Jain Fertility & Mother Care Hospital offers free IVF to all patients if they have failed to conceive even after three attempts of IVF at this centre. After three attempts, the patients pay only for medicines disposables and can take as many attempts as they wish thereafter.


  • The protocol chosen for induction is the same as in regular IVF cycle.
  • The quality of labware and disposables is not compromised at all.
  • The patient care given is the same as in regular IVF.
  • The total cost including disposables and drugs usually does not exceed INR 65,000.
  • In case, any option of surrogacy or donor eggs is required, it is not included in this scheme.
  • Room charges and sonography charges are as applicable.

Note: For any further details, you may contact the hospital front desk in person.

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